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Slim Up Be Healthy: Healthy Body, Healthy Home, and Healthy Finances
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The best nutrition program is the RX for Health plus Alfalfa. This is the one that I personally take. Here are the basic products:
1. Energizing Soy Protein or Cinch Weight Management Drink (A
biologically complete, healthy non-gmo soy or whey protein)
2. Vitalizer (Packet of 80 nutrients)
3. Nutriferon (Immune System, important in today's polluted
4. Vivix (anti-aging, natural source of reservatrol)
5. Alfalfa (my recommendation of a detoxifier to add to the RX for
Health. Contains trace minerals and is a natural detoxifier.)

Here is a link for part of this suggestion, which is vitalizer, protein and nutriferon