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Slim Up Be Healthy: Healthy Body, Healthy Home, and Healthy Finances
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BonnieWelcome! Thank you for checking out my website and finding out more about Shaklee products and how they can help you to achieve optimum health. Optimum health is achieved by what we take into our bodies and by the products we use on our bodies. In addition, we need to use healthy cleaning products to keep from harming our bodies and our environment. Shaklee is committed to providing these types of quality products.

Why is Shaklee different?
. Use natural, high qualitly ingredients

. No harmful side effects
. No harmful fragrances, chemicals, or preservatives
. Scientifically developed
. Clinically tested (no animal testing)
. Reasonably priced and will save you $$$
. And they do what they say they will do!

I personally have taken Shaklee supplements and used the household and personal care products for over30 years. At one time in my life, I was overweight, unhealthy, and almost died. Shaklee supplements got me healthy and have helped me to be blessed with fantastic health and energy at an age when most people have a lot of problems!

In addition, the Shaklee business has been a blessing to me financially, not just in the income I've received from the business but also because I haven't had to put out money for doctor bills, medication, or lost time at work.

Experience the Shaklee Difference. Take the "30-Day Road Test." Try one of our product programs for 30 days to see how they can make a difference for you! Shaklee products improve your health, your looks, your $wallet$, and your environment!

You are welcome to follow the directions on this website to become a member and purchase your starter order right away. Or contact me for further information and help to get started.

Here are a couple of other ways to get review some helpful                  information: www.slimupandbehealthy.blogspot.com and                        www.howandwhyofgoinggreen.blogspot.com